Our Future,

Our world in a time
of rapid technological change.

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No time to think about the future?

Don’t worry. We’ll show it to you.

Today, it seems no one has time to think about the future. MindMedley is an online publication and media platform aimed at making the future accessible by creating bite-size pieces of digital art.

By mixing the greatest minds into medleys we might have a chance of understanding the world to come. Our world.

Medleys of Mind

A new article every once in a while

Our Future? Think Protopia, Not Utopia

February 8, 2016 /0 /12

Welcome to the Anthropocene

January 26, 2016 /0 /2

Can Technology Extend our Empathy?

January 6, 2016 /0 /3

Skeuomorphs: Innovative Nostalgia

November 4, 2015 /2 /5

Why We're All Future-Blind

October 16, 2015 /6 /14

Experience Beamers

August 17, 2015 /5 /13

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